LED light therapy is arguably the most effective and latest breakthrough in skincare. This non-invasive and gentle technology treats a wide variety of skin ailments while causing no harm to the skin. And it only takes 15 minutes of your time in your own space.


For a smooth, spotless skin that you once had in your early 20's, led light therapy is a great alternative. Our mask is designed to enhance skin health and appearance. Encourage cell turnover to improve post inflammatory marks left on the skin from previous trauma or blemishes. 


LED light therapy is a completely pain-free treatment, suitable for all skin types, colours and conditions.
LED GLOW Power: Approx. 33 Jls per cm2 in 15 minutes of treatment. 

Our LED mask has 7 modes listed below:

620nm (Red Led) mode

525nm (Green Led) mode

415nm (Blue Led) mode

590nm (Yellow) mode 

490nm (Cyan Led) mode

415 - 620nm (Purple Led) mode 

850nm (Infrared Led) mode 

Get a free treatment plan customised  to you by our led + skin expert Chloe by emailing boutiquebeauty@outlook.com with your main skin concerns. 
Can be used on the neck as well as hands without the need for any other attachments.

At Home LED Light Therapy Mask