Skin Juice Berry Beautiful Gift Box is a natural and organic bundle of products. This is the perfect gift for spoiling someone with an indulgent at-home spa treatment. Packaged in an impressive, berry purple coloured box. This berry beautiful box contains Berry Fresh antioxidant rich healthy skin cleanser (150mL), Berry Bath Drops essential oil blend (15mL), Berry Buff smoothie body scrub (200mL).

Why we love it:

Berry Fresh is a healthy cleanser for the face that is suitable for all skin types and will deeply cleanse like an oil but feel like a refreshing gel. Berry Fresh is able to cleanse impurities from deep within the skin because oils adhere to oils, meaning this skin loving oil-gel formula will easily dissolve oily blockages, leaving skin clean, clear and fresh..Berry Buff is a body scrub that suits all skin types looking for fresh and glowing skin. This detoxifying creamy superfood smoothie deeply exfoliates the body using potent, natural fruit acids and crushed walnuts, while preparing the skin for intense hydration. Dead, dry skin cells are polished away leaving the skin smoother with a bright and glowing complexion.Berry Bath drops is a simple way to make a luxurious bath time retreat. This healthy blend will help relax the body and pamper the skin as you soak. Not suitable to be used during pregnancy.