A light wearing morning and night facial moisturiser containing 100% natural 72 hour Super Hydration molecules proven to deeply hydrate, strengthen and maintain elasticity.
Saccharide Isomerate has been proven to reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by creating a layer of skin-identical and natural carbohydrate complex under the skins surface that promotes and strengthens skin barrier function. This helps lock in moisture for 72 hours, in comparison to regular moisturisers which just wash off. As this is a trans-dermal ingredient, it also acts as a carrier and helps to draw in all of the other beautiful plant oils, amino acids and anti-oxidants in this formula.
Pure Colloidal Silver water with hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-ageing properties.
Certified organic Seaweed extract which naturally contains minerals, amino acids, Polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins for super healthy and beautiful skin.
Certified organic Macadamia and Rose Hip oils may help soothe and improve the tone and complexion of dry, tired and ageing skin.
Frankincense and Sandalwood have ancient healing and anti-ageing properties.